How Did I Get Canceled At CPAC’s Uncancel America Event?

Jason Goodman
4 min readMar 2, 2021


How did a Trump supporting conservative social media influencer get banned from a conference that by all measures should have embraced my presence? This is a question that remains unanswered.

Right around the time Donald Trump first announced his candidacy, I began to notice something. Those in the corporate news business were no longer speaking truth to power. They were not delivering robust debate. Professional liars propelled to celebrity status were not only failing to keep corruption in check, but seemingly aiding and abetting it. The national dialog had been hijacked by traditional media that cow tows to corporate sponsors, social justice and technocratic overlords that can silence dissenters with the tap of a delete key. It was in this moment that I realized the only way to reinvigorate the fourth estate was by the people for the people and of the people. The only way to do it was to Crowdsource the Truth.

What Donald Trump had designated as fake news has now evolved (or devolved depending on your point of view) into cancel culture. Today, those of us who even pose questions are blocked, banned and decimated from public discourse. Large corporations who employ or sponsor those who swim against the tide are threatened or boycotted. Individuals are deplatfromed, sued and shunned. Liars, rapists and accused killers like Andrew Cuomo are awarded EMMYs while delivering news that counters the mainstream gets awarded with lawsuits. The network of miscreants is deep and wide, or is it merely coincidence?

Donald Trump’s return to the podium at CPAC 2021 has ironically underscored the Conservative Political Action Conference’s gross hypocrisy. This year’s theme was “Uncancel America”. After being personally and inexplicably canceled by CPAC it now seems clear that the individuals behind it and their financial interests have yet to be properly explored.

Trump’s Presidency represented a distinct departure from traditional Republicans. He brought with him a new crop of independent thinkers who may not sit well with the moneyed influencers, Democrat overseers and wide-eyed future supporters preferred by conference head Matt Schlapp and his cohorts. Schlapp is the chairman of CPAC and Director of Cove Strategies a political consultancy headquartered in Virginia. The former W Bush Deputy is one of many characterized by a disturbing trend of seemingly altruistic figureheads with personal businesses that benefit from their tax-exempt “charitable” activities. These individuals and their organizations are in serious need of deep scrutiny. Many VIPs at the event including Schlapp himself spoke of unity, liberty and fighting the cancel culture they attribute to the “left”. In truth, CPAC is just as prone to arbitrarily canceling anyone they chose as they straddle the line playing both sides against the middle in a giant cash grab.

I had never attended CPAC before, but since I was already in Florida I decided to go. I registered as a member of the press and as required, included a link to recent reporting. I had just covered the President’s Day rally in West Palm Beach Laura Loomer was a guest on the show and featured in its YouTube thumbnail. The video was very popular, but I was shocked to be immediately declined registration. I mentioned this to Laura, who wasn’t surprised. As the most canceled woman on the internet, she’d been banned from CPAC previously. Another associate who was speaking at the event kindly offered to provide a guest pass. I registered with that and received a confirmation email thanking me and advising that I could pick up my badge on the first floor inside the Fiorenzo restaurant. Rooms at the Hyatt had sold out, so I booked a four-night stay at a nearby alternate. After spending most of the day driving to Orlando I checked in to my hotel and went straight to the Hyatt to retrieve my credentials.

In contradiction of the polite email, when I attempted to print my badge, I was told it had been canceled. No reason was given and the CPAC employees assisting me looked genuinely confused. The matter was escalated three times until I was speaking with a woman named Annabelle. While any rigmarole like this is annoying, I was very aware that CPAC is prone to banning people and didn’t want to even appear upset as that might result in an end to any polite assistance. Annabelle told me she would call someone to see what they could do. Moments later a man in an expensive looking blue suit appeared and without hesitation told me there was no ticket for me and nothing more could be done. I stood in silence for a moment before he added “why don’t you come speak with these guys”. I turned around and two imposing men in black suits with earpieces looking obviously like security instructed me that I was to leave the property at once. As a registered guest with a confirmation email, I was stunned to be forcibly ejected from the hotel. I had created no disturbance or security incident whatsoever. There was no need for a humiliating security escort but as I exited the hotel I was followed closely by these men.

Minutes later back at my hotel while packing to leave Orlando, my phone rang. It was Mark Cicciu the director of security from the Hyatt calling to tell me that in addition to being invited to leave CPAC, I was “not welcome to rent a room or return to the hotel”. To be clear, I had made no attempt or even the slightest indication that I might do either of those things. I departed the Mickey Mouse mini-Metropolis extremely disappointed and even more curious as to why my presence was met with such vigorous opposition.

On the Monday following CPAC 2021, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts took the unprecedented step of issuing a public statement distancing themselves from CPAC and denouncing their alleged use of Nazi symbology at the event. In the end, I am pleased to be rejected by such a reprehensible group. I denounce CPAC and its organizers and plan to continue to explore just exactly what on earth is wrong with these people.



Jason Goodman

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