The Twitter Coup Sources and Additional Information

Jason Goodman
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Sources and Additional Information

March 20, 2007 — FBI Use of National Security Letters

March 21, 2007 — The FBI’s Use of National Security Letters and Section 215 Requests for Business Records

January 2008 — National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force

March 2008 — Alumnus runs for Congress in Virginia

November 2008 — How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks’ Power

November 2008 — Election Blog: How Did Obama Win? The Top 10 Reasons

December 2008 — Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide

January 2009– Authority of Acting FBI Officials to Sign National Security Letters

January 2010 — A Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Use of Exigent Letters and Other Informal Requests for Telephone Records

April 2010 — Conyers: FBI Broke the Law and General Counsel’s Office, Headed by Valerie Caproni, Sanctioned It and Must Face Consequences

October 2010 — Opinion: Facebook lobbies California on online privacy act (but shhh — don’t tell anyone)

November 2010 — Twitter Now Has A D.C. Presence; Hires Adam Sharp As Government Liaison

November 2010 — Twitter hires first D.C. staffer. But don’t call Adam Sharp a lobbyist

November 2010 — Twitter Hires C-SPAN’s Sharp in DC

January 2011 — Twitter, as a Helpmate, Goes to Capitol Hill


February 2011 — Newly Released Documents Detail FBI’s Plan to Expand Federal Surveillance Laws

February 2011 — As Online Communications Stymie Wiretaps, Lawmakers Debate Solutions

April 2011 — An Interview With Twitter’s Forgotten Founder, Noah Glass

June 2011 — F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds

May 2012 — FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

August 2012 — A new barometer for the election

February 2013 — Former FBI official questioned on abuse of intelligence-gathering tools

March 19, 2013 — Grassley Judiciary Committee letter to the OIG

March 20, 2013 — New Technologies, National Security, and the Law

April 2013 — You’re Not Really Following @BarackObama on Twitter

June 2013 — Privacy Advocates: With PRISM, FBI Has No ‘Going Dark’ Argument

June 2013 — Grassley Talks About B. Todd Jones, Tony West, Valerie Caproni, Metal Theft Legislation

September 2013 — Former FBI Lawyer Who Oversaw Years Of Fourth Amendment Violations By The Agency Nominated For Federal Judge Seat

January 2014 — Wielding A Pen And A Phone, Obama Goes It Alone

October 2014 — FBI again claims it’s Going Dark thanks to encryption

October 2014 — Vivian Schiller Departs as Twitter’s Head of News

October 2017 — Twitter News Head Vivian Schiller Out in Media Unit Consolidation

February 2015 — Obama Calls for New Cooperation to Wrangle the ‘Wild West’ Internet

February 2015 — Executive Order 13691 — Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing -

February 2015 — Privacy Versus Security in Silicon Valley

March 2015 — President Obama Taps Twitter Vet Jason Goldman As White House’s First Chief Digital Officer

May 2015 — Tech Giants Urge Obama to Reject Policies That Weaken Encryption -

September 2015 — How Twitter plays offense in D.C.

October 2015 — Obama Won’t Seek Access to Encrypted User Data

October 2016 — Obama Brought Silicon Valley to Washington

October 2016 — Lawful hacking and the case for a strategic approach to “Going Dark”

January 2017 — Encryption and the Updated January 25, 2017 “ Going Dark ” Debate

February 2018 — OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL Unit Chief

March 2018 — FBI has a unit solely devoted to its ‘going dark’ problem

March 2018 — A Special Inquiry Regarding the Accuracy of FBI Statements Concerning its Capabilities to Exploit an iPhone Seized During the San Bernardino Terror Attack Investigation

September 2018–10 questions with Adam Sharp

September 2021 — Shining Light on the “Going Dark” Phenomenon: U.S. Efforts to Overcome the Use of End-to-End Encryption by Islamic State Supporters

October 2021 — Stacia Cardille

September 2022 — Audit of the Roles and Responsibilities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Office of the General Counsel in National Security Matters

October 2022 — Foreign Actors Likely to Use Information Manipulation Tactics for 2022 Midterm Elections -

December 2022 — THE TWITTER FILES: PART 7

December 2022 — x` -



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